Who runs electionmail.org?

This site is a joint project of Democracy Works and the Bipartisan Policy Center, funded by a 2015 Network Grant from the Democracy Fund.

What is the purpose of electionmail.org?

This project has two main objectives.

Objective I:
Provide state and local election administrators with:
• the information they need to recognize common election mail problems when they happen, and
• the ability to gather actionable data about these problems

Objective II:
Provide the election administration community writ large and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) with a comprehensive picture of the scope election mail problems in 2016

Will the issues reported here be shared with the USPS?

Yes, the issues reported on electionmail.org will be reported to the USPS on a regular basis, via a channel designated by the USPS. However, local election officials should still report issues to their local postmaster and regional election mail coordinators.

How will I know whether/when my issue has been addressed?

Whenever possible, explanations/resolutions identified by the USPS will be posted on this site, but we can't guarantee a response. Affected jurisdictions should check back regularly, or contact us if they have specific questions.

If I report an issue, will that data be available publicly?

Problems reported on this site will only be shared publicly in aggregate, with identifying information (name/contact info/jursidiction) withheld. Problems will be grouped by state and type, for clarity.